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Home School Support Workers


We believe it is important for the school to work together in partnership with families to ensure children have the best opportunities and are able to access their learning. We recognise that there are times when families face difficulties which can impact on the children. Toni Grist and Liz Tufnail are our Home School Support Workers and it is their role to support families during such times. They are based in school full-time and are happy to help. They have a good knowledge of the various types of support families can access and are always willing to listen, support and guide.

Toni Grist & Liz Tufnail

We are lucky enough to have two Home School Support Workers, Toni Grist and Liz Tufnail.  Their job is very varied and they deal with lots of interesting things within their daily routine.  Their day starts, usually, on the Key Stage 1 playground meeting and greeting the children and parents and then at 8.55am they go to the Main Gate on the Luton Road Entrance to meet and greet the late children to make sure they are signed in and have chosen their meals for that day.  Both Toni and Liz available to speak with parents and children Monday to Friday and can help with lots of different issues ranging from help with foodbanks to emotional support for your children.  If they cannot help you with an issue immediately they usually know someone who can help you.  Both HSSWs are currently involved in running a Coffee Morning in school which is held on the first Tuesday of every month from 9am until 10am where you can drop your children off in school and come and meet some of the staff and new friends.  You may also meet at the Coffee Morning a group of people who can help with benefits, local issues and also sometimes we have a representative from the Local Medway Task force who can help with issues in the community.

The local Vicar is also usually on hand to help out where she can too. Toni and Liz are always happy to support our families in whatever way possible, all you have to do is make contact and they will always try to help out wherever possible.


Toni Grist


Liz Tufnail