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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Elizabeth Gamet, Deputy Head Teacher

Hello, I’m proud to introduce myself as Deputy Head Teacher of Luton Primary School. I have been a part of this community for over 20 years now as I became a Year 2 teacher here in 2001. I have loved watching children develop across the school over the years and working with our families to help children achieve their aspirations. I have many jobs across the school, however, one of my favourite roles is being part of the English team and developing Talk for Writing across the school.

I really love to run, one of my greatest achievements was running the London marathon in 2019! I find it hard to single out my favourite author as I love to read books and like so many different authors. I particularly enjoyed Roald Dahl books when I was at primary school and now I love to read Michael Rosen poetry to children as it is really funny.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any support or have any questions about your child’s learning or wellbeing.

Liz Gamet 

Mrs Victoria Heyworth, Assistant Head Teacher / SENCo

Hello, I am Mrs Heyworth and I am one of the Assistant Head Teachers at Luton Primary School. I have lots of jobs including helping children and their families if they have special needs and making sure everyone comes to school every day. I am also the Designated Safeguarding Lead in school which means that I am in charge of making sure that everyone stays safe at home and at school.

My favourite thing to do in school is to read stories to children. I love to use different voices for the different characters. I have so many books that I have had to buy a bigger book shelf!

My favourite author is Julia Donaldson and my favourite one of her stories is Tiddler. It’s about a young fish who has a great imagination, although he’s always late for school!

Victoria Heyworth 

Mr Chris Straw, Assistant Head Teacher

Hello, I am Mr Straw and I am one of the Assistant Head Teachers at Luton Primary School. I have been privileged to work at our school since 2012. I am part of a team which has developed a curriculum which aims to be rich, balanced, broad and stimulating. It is a passion of mine that our children have access to the best that has been thought or said, engendering them with an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. 

I am also particularly keen on helping our children to think critically, express their opinions and engage in respectful debate. This is why the teaching of philosophy across our school is an essential component of our curriculum. I love to engage in any philosophical discussion with our children. I am always delighted and impressed by their creative questions and thoughtful answers.  

Currently, my favourite children’s author is Philip Pullman. His Dark Materials trilogy is exciting, thought-provoking and has one of the best endings I’ve ever read. If you get a chance – please read it!