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Studybugs for Parents and Carers

Is my child too sick for school?

Please refer to the NHS website for guideance. 



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Why use Studybugs

Helps safeguard your child by automating schools’ processing of sick reports, so if any children are unaccounted for, they’ll know right away. Also verifies that reports of your child’s absence have really come from you.

Contributes to public health by collecting anonymised data on illnesses going around — to help schools, parents and public health organisations take preventative action as early as possible.

Saves you time — it takes seconds to give the school all they need, and know they’ve got the message even if you’re reporting at 6am or 11pm the night before.

Guides you with official guidance from the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) on the need to stay off school, based on the symptoms or illnesses you enter.

Note: Studybugs does not provide medical advice or diagnosis — please consult your GP for this.

Confidential and secure. Your personal data is kept strictly confidential between you and your child’s school. We never share your personal data with third parties. Your child’s school cannot see your location. All shared illness data is first anonymised so your personal data is always kept confidential. You can also opt out of having your anonymised data shared. Studybugs is hosted from purpose-built secure facilities and all communications with our apps and website are encrypted.

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